Pocketo is probably the tiniest development board that is used to build any wearable devices

Amazing Features

Over-the-air updates

You can write your code in our web IDE and send it wirelessly to your Pocketo. With over-the-air programming is very easy to send updates to all your connected devices.

Energy saving

All Pocketo components are optimised for energy saving and if you feel that you need more, you can replace the battery with a more powerful one any time.

Arduino compatible

You can program your Pocketo using Wiring. And there is more, you will have a shield that will give you the opportunity to use Pocketo with any Arduino shield.

Why is Pocketo for you?

You can use it no matter your technical background


Create your own wearable device without writing a single line of code or touching a soldering iron. Pocketo comes with an accelerometer and a vibration motor that you can use with simple applications we provide.


If you want more power you can use the API we provide to create more complex devices that can interact with your own smartphone’s application.


Pocketo is open-source, you have the power and freedom to change, optimise and improve everything you want.

Code it and then proudly wear it

Creating and testing wearable devices is very difficult. There are some great development tools on the market but they’re not small and optimised for energy saving.

We’ve created probably the tiniest development board on the market that is optimised for energy saving. Also, we designed a solution that you can code, test, wear and even sell it.

Meet the team

Roxana Babatie

Roxana Babatie


Dragos Musetescu

Dragos Musetescu


Roxana Cristea

Roxana Cristea


How it works?

Pocketo is a tiny development board that gives you the freedom to create wearables and internet-connected hardware very easy. You can have your own wearable or home automation project in minutes. With Pocketo you can start controlling and collecting data over the internet or from your smartphone’s application right away.

Pocketo has a wifi module, a bluetooth low energy chip, an accelerometer, a vibration motor and a powerful micro-controller. Either it's connected over bluetooth or wifi, Pocketo connects with the cloud in a 2-way permanent communication. The cloud is the soul of Pocketo. If a device is connected to the cloud it becomes accessible in the internet through our secure communication line (REST API).

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